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Balkan Cinema Cities Film Fund grants support to fiction and documentary projects with a main producer based in countries members of BCC (Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and Kosovo), EUROMED and EUROEAST countries. Deadline for applications in 2017: July 24th.

NOTE: Deal memo must be established between at least one producer from countries members of BCC and one producer from EUROMED and EUROEAST countries. Co-production between third parties from EU country is encouraged. The project can be count as co-production if the majority producer has agreements with associated or delegate producers from countries mentioned.

BCC Film Fund

Balkan Cinema Cities is the first film fund for support of production and promotion of film activities that is backed by cities and countries from Southeastern Europe. BCC serves as Regional Film platform that encourages the inter-regional and cross-border co-operation.


BCC aims to use its resources to enhance the quality and quantity of film production in the region. BCC views film production in these territories as one of the most important ways of promoting their potential. BCC provides financial support for film productions in order to attract audiovisual projects to the cities. In the case of many projects, it represents significant assistance, without which they would never be completed.


BCC is a co-production fund for projects with shooting locations and services attached to Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and Kosovo. The application must be submitted by the producer with citizenship and an independent company established in the countries mentioned above. Applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • is a legal entity
  • has prior experience in professional film production
  • has no existing tax debts in the country concerned
  • has, at the moment of submission of the application, confirmed at least 50% of the funding of the total cost of the film (the exact percentage is to be specified in the film financing plan)
  • plans to complete the film project in 2018 and to deliver the report on the film project’s expenditure by March 31, 2019, latest
The applicant must deliver the following documents:
  • filled online application form on the online portal
  • synopsis
  • screenplay
  • completed treatment
  • Director’s note of intention:
  • Project description
  • Producers explanation
  • Director’s CV
  • Producer`s CV
  • Co-production agreement or Deal memo
  • Financing plan


BCC will provide equity of up to €30.000 through a scheme of selective co-production investments for feature films and equity of up to €8.000 for documentaries for eligible costs including:

  • accommodation services
  • film equipment rental
  • transport services
  • catering (by service provider)
  • construction services necessary for the preparation and production of the film
  • security services
  • utility services and public services
  • location rental
  • various goods (e. g. props)
  • services related to film production
  • creative services (services provided by authors or groups
  • other services (e. g. translation and interpretation, photography, make-up, services related to the creation of stage design, special effects, etc.)
  • administrative services (office services, legal and accounting services, personnel management, etc.)
  • Postproduction costs
The assessment and selection of the application shall be based on an overall assessment of artistic, production-related, financial and technical aspects of the project; the quality of script and potentials of the projects, the experience and quality of the producers, the director and other key players, the nature of the co-production, as well as the feasibility of budget, financing plan, audience reach and innovative aspects. Priority will be given to films with total budget up to 800.000 EUR. Priority will be given to first or second time, young directors. A jury consisting of three to five members of the Jury of experts evaluates the projects. Decisions on support are made according to majority vote. The evaluation process will normally take 8-10 weeks from the relevant deadline.
  • General rules
  • How to apply
  • Apply here (Online application form)
Deadline for applications in 2017: July 24th.

Calls in 2016th

1st of January 2016 – 15th of February 2016
2nd of May2016 – 15th of June2016

First Call
Twelve applications received by the deadline issued – 7 feature films, 1 documentary feature film and 4 short films.
Selected films – “Broken” (feature) and “The Pain Remains” (short)

Second Call
Six applications received by the deadline issued – 1 feature film, 3 documentary feature films and 3 short films.
Selected films – “Balkan Harmony” (documentary)

Before you apply
  • Read our General ruler in conjunction with the program guidelines
  • Check the deadline dates
  • Review the application form
  • Contact us with any questions

This grant round has now closed. Submissions closed at 12:00PM 15 June 2016.