What will BCC support (2016)?

  • Production, distribution and promotion of feature films (fiction and documentary)
  • Feature films (fiction and documentary) with producer, co-producer, associate producer or delegate producer from countries concerned.
  • Feature films (fiction and documentary) filmed in the regions united in this platform
BCC Film Fund basic premise for generating effects is in usage of locations and facilities in the cities involved and employment of its financial means up to 170.000 available within its annual budget. Support refers to cover part of the cost under the shooting, and also support fordistribution and promotional activities related to the specific project. This support is accomplished through two annual competitions where a Commission composed of top professionals decides which projects and what type of activities would be supported. There are two deadlines per year:

First deadline – 1st February 2016
Second deadline – 1st June 2016

BCC Film Fund supports local distributors in the three countries concerned. It covers the cost for minimal guarantee and for PR so a film produced in the countries concerned would be distributed in the same countries.

Organizational support

Our services include:
  • help in finding film locations
  • Providing information for professionals engaged in the production of film in the city and region, as well as companies and institutions supporting the industry eg. lawyers, translators offices
  • advertising agencies, media, etc.
  • Providing information on the available resources of the city - photographic halls, etc.
  • assistance in obtaining all types of licenses
  • Promotion of the region as a good place for film productions and other audiovisual initiatives

Investment and priority

  • Provide equity of up to €30.000 through infrastructural costs, accommodations, location permits, through a scheme of selective co-production investments for feature films.
  • Provide equity of up to €8.000 for documentaries and short films?
  • Providing financing for up to ten feature films, three documentaries and three short films per year.
  • Priority will be given to films with total budget up to 600.000 EUR.
  • Priority will be given to first or second time, young directors.

Allocation of BCC resources

  • 65% of the funding will be used for production
  • Around 20% will be used for distribution in the countries concerned
  • Around 15% will be used for administration costs, promotional events and other initiatives.