How to apply?

Applications are running once a year.

Required documents:

  • Synopsis
  • Screenplay (in case of documentary films: filmed research materials)
  • Completed treatment
  • Director’s note of intention
  • Project description or, for documentaries, concept for the implementation
  • Producers explanation (max. 260 characters) where the reason for choosing the particular city for shooting is elaborated.
  • Director’s CV
  • Producers CV including a list of films produced by the company
  • Co-production agreement or Deal memo for the project
  • Production budget in €
  • Financing plan for the shootings at a specific location, in €
  • Project description and a concept for the implementation (only for documentaries)

General rules of BCC Film Fund:

  • BCC Film Fund is a co-production fund
  • The fund is available for: feature films (length min. 70min.), documentaries and shorts
  • The fund covers no more than 20% of film's budget
  • 100% of the granted funds should be spent in the area of the cities involved in BCC
  • application must be filled in English
  • call for applications is usually announced once a year
  • required: necessary knowledge and experience, technical potential, financial situation and staff to ensure that the project can be carried out

We kindly request you to familiarize yourself with the rules of the BCC Film Fund before starting to fill in the application form. If you have any doubts, please e-mail us. The goal of the BCC Regional Film Fund is to provide financial support to film productions associated with BCC and the Region that may contribute to the tourist and economic promotion of the region and the building of its positive image. Important factors here are the placement of the plot or the shooting locations, the film’s subject and the artists responsible for it.