Bitola is the second largest city in Republic of Macedonia, located in the southwest of the country. Bitola is a city that will not leave you indifferent. Bitola has been the center of the Macedonian and regional cinematography for twenty years already. Each year different national and foreign production companies shoot their films in the city or its surroundings. The diversity of locations and favorable infrastructural conditions are the main reason why filmmakers choose this city for their movies and TV series. Last year Bitola was named Creative City of Film by UNESCO.

The city life beats along the well-known high street Shirok Sokak, through the Old Bazaar to the beautiful mysterious landscapes in its vicinity. The typical architecture, the natural beauty that surrounds the city and the hospitality of its citizens are the things that people who have visited the town never forget. You will come to perceive this town as a treasure of priceless physical and spiritual culture, created through the centuries by known and unknown craftsmen.

In short distance from the city there are beautiful mountains and lowland areas which are ideal for shooting movies. Also, two of the most beautiful lakes in this part of the Balkans, Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa are located in close vicinity to Bitola, and so is the Mariovo area. Mariovo is a part of Southwest Macedonia where there has been almost no urban development over the past century. The region of Mariovo is situated 1050 meters above sea-level and consists of beautiful rustic villages, picturesque mountain rivers and streams. The city is well-connected by highways and regional roads to Skopje and Thessaloniki, which are the nearest airports in the region.

Bitola is also the venue of the biggest film festival in Macedonia, ICFF “Manaki Brothers”. This is, at the same time, the oldest and the most prestigious film festival dedicated to the work of the Directors of Photography. Each year the city is the hub of the best cinematographers from all over the world.

No official filming and location permission is required for feature film shoots or any others type of production. We recommend teaming up with a local production company if you are planning to shoot in Macedonia, as the local know-how of the procedures and policies in will help you to reduce the time spent on preparing and executing your project. The Macedonian partner can support your project with funding from public and private sources, provide a full range of production services and share all important local knowledge and personal contacts.

Foreign nationals shooting in Macedonia on the temporary basis do not need a working permit. Foreign nationals staying in hotels or other type of accommodation through a local service provider or co-producer are automatically registered by the hotelier or the Macedonian partner. Foreign citizens who intend to stay in Macedonia longer than 90 days must apply for a temporary residence permit.