Balkan cinema cities

Funded Projects

In 2016 BCC Film Fund supported 3 co-productions that were filmed in the region of the municipalities part of the co-operation.

Balkan Harmony (2016), 75 min, documentary

The documentary film "Balkan Harmony", directed by Atanas Kiriakov, a co-production between Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedoniа (2016) (shot in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia) was supported in the second call for funding (deadline 15th of June 2016). The proejct was chosen out of 3 submitted feature films, three documentaries and 5 shorts.

Director: Atanas Kiryakov

Writer: Atanas Kiryakov

Cast: Theodosi Spasov, Bojan Z, Martin Gjakonovski, Kostas Anastasiadis, Vlatko Stefanovski, Miroslav Tadic

Producer: Atanas Kiryakov

Music: Teodosi Spasov

Director of photography: Dimitar Mitov

Editing: Ognjan Ivanov

Narrator: Rusi Chanev